The final table of the American part of the WSOP Main Event promises to be more interesting than the one at GG: the roster is more “motley”, the stacks are deeper, all players with a probability close to 99% will come. Who are the ME finalists?

Did the $ 10,000 WSOP Main Event fall short of expectations?

The main “poker show” of the WSOP Main Event in two parts turned out to be more popular in the United States. If 674 players took part in the non-American part of the WSOP at GG in three days, then in the American part – 705 in one day. Moreover, only players from two states could participate at the Nevada and New Jersey.

Perhaps the reason for the varying popularity is that it is easier for US players to get to Rio to play offline. Las Vegas is located in Nevada, and a plane ticket from New Jersey costs from $ 500, and you do not need a visa. And the GG players flew to Rozvadov from all over the world. Moreover, one of the WSOP finalists at GG Peyan “fish3098” Sun decided not to fly to King's Casino in order to boost his 10bb stack. Only one question remains: why didn't have three starting days?

In any case, the final figures are: 1,379 players. Is this the number of entries the WSOP organizers were counting on? Unlikely. This is less than the 2004 WSOP – the year after Moneymaker's legendary win (then 2,576 players).

Who made it to the finals from the American community? Each of them has already guaranteed themselves at least $ 98,813. Let's get acquainted.

So different short stacks: Main Event finalists under 20BB

As long as you have chips at the table, your chances of winning remain. There are stories when players won tournaments with a stack of less than 1 big blind. So short stacks shouldn't be written off.

Harrison “Harrisond33” Dobin – 10bb stack

Harrison Dobin has made a real breakthrough in his poker career by reaching the Main Event finals. This guy from New Jersey has over $ 101K in live tournaments with the best $ 19K in a WPT side event. He earned another $ 92K in online tournaments at Will he be able to spin with 10 big blinds? Let's find out on December 28.

De Silva “gomezhamburg” peshka – 13bb stack

Chipleader after the first day of the game Upeshka De Silva “gomezhamburg” lost the lead by the end of the second day, but still has a chance to win. The native of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, has an experience on his side: he is the only WSOP bracelet winner at the final table. Moreover, Upeshka won three times: in Hold'em tournaments in 2015 and 2017 and in online KO Hold'em tournament in 2019. He also diplomated the WSOP Main Event offline (36th place, $ 211K in 2015). He is equally good in live play and on the Internet. Offline De Silva earned over $ 3.1M and over $ 300K online.

Ron “Samthedog76” Jenkins – 15bb stack

Ronald “Samthedog76” Jenkins from South El Monte, California, is one of the most accomplished players at the final table. The first ITM in live events dates back to 2005. Jenkins has earned over $ 388K in live tournaments, with his main wins in the 2000s. Statistics on winnings online “Samthedog76” are classified. We assume that Jenkins specializes in live play, so having the Rio finale gives him an edge.

Investment Market Shark and Regular Tournaments up to $ 1,100 – Finalists with Stacks from 20BB to 30BB

In the middle of the chipcount are the amateur financiers and regular tournaments up to $ 1,100. For both of them, making the final table in the Main Event is a huge achievement.

Gershon “jets613” Distenfeld – stack 21bb

And here is the real amateur, the “dark horse” at the final table of the American WSOP Main Event. Vice President and one of the leaders of the American investment company AllianceBernstein. Gershon Distenfeld has been investing for over 22 years and has been playing poker for over 2 years. At hendonmob in live ITM tournaments for $ 10K, another $ 11K in online tournaments in different reservations (most of all on 888.nj – $ 8.4K, but there he plays a loss – $ 12K). In live tournaments, as a rule, Distenfeld dresses as simply as possible: a T-shirt from the mass market and a baseball cap. So no one will ever recognize him as the shark of the investment market. But who will he end up in the aquarium at the WSOP final table?

Michael “geNet1x_” Cannon – 27bb stack

Michael “geNet1x_” Cannon knows a thing or two about the cards: $ 184K in live tournament prize money and another $ 221K at 888.nj. He usually participates in tournaments up to $ 1,100. Such a skid at the WSOP is already a success. Prior to that, Cannon only made money at the WSOPC. Is Michael Cannon going out of his way at the final table? How much will ITM pressure affect his game?

Tournament participant from China to USA, WPT Deepstack champion and WSOP regular – players with stacks over 30bb

The situation at the top of the chip account is uneven. There are three players with approximately equal stacks and a chip pack with 2.6 times the chips.

Ye “YUAN365” Yuuan – 30bb stack

Just as almost no Sunday Million final table is complete without Brazil, the two WSOP Main Event finals feature Asia. Let's be sure that Ye Yuan will come to the final, unlike Peiyang “fish3098” Sang. Ye Yuan lived in China, then in Australia and now he reached the United States. In live tournaments, mostly in China, he earned $ 360K, another $ 220K in online tournaments at 888.nj. Unfortunately, we could not find his photo. But at, he has a red-haired bearded Viking on his avatar.

Ryan “Hagzzz021” Hagerty – 32bb stack

One of the most qualified final table players, New Jersey State Representative Ryan “Hagzzz021” Ryan Hagerty. Ryan won the WPTDeepStacks Main Event in August 2019 (+ $ 70K), earning over $ 341K in total in live tournaments. But look at his results online: $ 988K in tournaments on the 888poker reservation! Rest assured: this guy won't give away his chips so easily. And the 32bb stack is a potential claim to win.

Sean “shades927” Strings – 33bb stack

For one more player, the WSOP Main Event final is already a career breakthrough. Shawn Stroke knows exactly the way to the box office at Rio, earning $ 147K at the WSOP (albeit with the best online $ 94K runner-up in a $ 365 event). On the pokerprolabs site, “shades927” is listed for $ 22K. Let's see how he manages to dispose of his stack for the final.

Joseph “kolebear” Hebert – 81bb stack

Most comfortable at the final table will be Joseph “kolebear” Hebert. He managed to get a huge stack of 81 big blinds. Hebert has been playing offline for over 12 years, earning over $ 667K, best runner-up in the $ 1,675 WSOPC Main Event in New Orleans in 2013 ($ 140K). Online results are more modest: only $ 52K in prize money.

A very entertaining and motley finale awaits us. Americans know how to play with a soul. Which of the finalists do you think will be the winner? Maybe investor Distenfeld will beat all these poker pros? Or will Upeshka De Silva be able to take the fourth bracelet? Share your opinion in the comments. We are looking forward to the final on And subscribe to our Telegram.