In recent times, video games both online and offline have increased in popularity. Indeed they are a great way to spend the time. In fact they are one of the numerous hobbies people have and love, something they can enjoy without being stressed. Besides video games, there are online slots and casinos to spend time in, and multiple other gaming websites like online casinos.

Whether you are living in the US, or Canada or elsewhere in the world, you are bound to have loved at least one of the things mentioned above.

For your convenience, we have brought together a list of the best video games that are popular nowadays.

  • Fortnite

It’s is a great game developed by Epic games. If you are looking for a good multiplayer games to play with your friends, this is on you should really consider. It is a four player games and it revolves around gathering materials to build a base and then defend the base you have built from the undead. Gather together with your pals online to develop fancy fortifications, find or set up crazy weapons and entraps, and save your towns from the peculiar beasts that appear over the Storm

It requires a lot of skills, and tactics to beat them, and with various other things found in the game, the game becomes even more exciting and something to watch out for.


  • Sea of Thieves

Brought to you by Rare, this is a highly anticipated game where you get to live the life of a pirate. Are you a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Then you are sure to absolutely love it. It has each side of pirate life you can ever hope to get. Battle and win against other pirate ships, search for treasure, and spend your days simply drinking grog and sailing.

While this game is already exciting, it continues to develop and become even better. It is an exciting world of sea adventure!

Sea of Thieves

  • Planetside 2

If you love going head on for battles, this is a great game to play. And what is even better is that it is free! Wait in anticipation of enemy attack at your base that could happen at any second, or just go out there and launch an attack on the enemy base.

In both cases, it is thrilling to win all the battles and come out on top. It is an exciting game that is filled with strategies and finding out the best way to defeat your opponents.

There are a lot of other games to watch out for, whether you are looking for free or paid game, or looking for single player or multiplayer games. Each has a story of its own and a background to the game which makes it even more exciting.

Planetside 2

So if you are a game lover, be sure to take some time out of your busy schedule and let the adrenaline rush take over with these exciting games.