The presented material provides an overview of video slots of various themes, but at the same time united by one common feature – the presence of a demo version in the game. And so 3 very different developers have presented on the modern market for every foreign player a chance to try the gameplay of each of the presented emulators, while without the need for mandatory registration. And this, as well as many other features of each described simulator, will be discussed further.

Bonuses and functions of the demo version of slot machines

Demo video – slot Tales of Darkness: Break of Dawn, presented on the modern market by Novomatic. And here the main developer himself has a legend about a pair of vampires known to all. The game field itself is decorated in the style of a dark and gloomy churchyard, and in the very center of the cemetery there are 5 drums located in 4 rows. The developers themselves did not limit the potential of the demo version in any way, so the players receive all 50 paylines as well as 100 prize combinations during the game.

On the drum itself there are 14 thematic, different symbols – this is a kind of Gothic in the form of chandeliers and candles, statuettes and trees. The developer himself used the function of wild symbols, which is popular for the players themselves – they are indicated by the vampires themselves, and this is a woman and a man, manifested in all 4 cells of one reel at their full height. The very combination of the symbol makes it possible to increase the winning of the bet up to 150.

Also, the developer himself made a possible round of free spins for the player in the presented game. And just such a chance is given by a combination of 3 dropped symbols in a scatter. And in the described demo version of such free spins there will be 15. And all publicly available sources say that the video slot has a high level of volatility, although it does not specify the existing RTP parameter.