One of the most influential Instagram bloggers in the world has become an ambassador for the Good Game poker network. By the way, Pokeroff predicted for a long time that Dan Bilzerian would wear the GGNet patch, and now I’ll tell you why.

Everything went to this

The general public learned about Bilzerian’s new collaboration on December 3, and we first began to suspect about this news back in November. In the early days of the month, Dan appeared at the NLHE skylimits and spent several hours paired with Bill Perkins.

Dan posted his adventures for $ 100/200 in Instagram stories. We were most interested not in his results, but in the fact that he was given a special avatar on GG. It seems to be a trifle, but it involuntarily suggests thoughts, especially in combination with the fact that Bilzerian with a near-zero probability would voluntarily play $ 100/200 online with his own money.

And so it turned out – a month later, Dan Dan Bilzerian (Dan Bilzerian) became Ambassador Network, along with Fedor «CrownUpGuy» Holtze (Fedor Holz), Daniel «KidPoker» Negreanu (Daniel Negreanu), Bertrand «ElkY» Grospellier (Bertrand Grospellier) and Felipe Ramos (Felipe Ramos). Among the more “mainstream” stars, the GG team includes the legendary tennis player Boris Becker , who previously worked at partypoker.

Bilzerian’s comment on joining the team of ambassadors:

In these crazy times, GGPoker is the best place to play poker for me. They work for newbies, not a bunch of nerdy mathematicians. I have already played tables with buy-ins ranging from $ 2 to $ 200,000 at GGPoker and will continue to work to make the room even better for casual players.

Let’s hope that Dan honestly “fulfills” his contractual obligations and will be a frequent guest at the GGPOKEROK sky limits, and not at NL2.

Dan turns 40 on December 7th, and to celebrate the anniversary, GG Poker will host a $ 100,000 freeroll, with at least $ 10,000 going to the winner. Bilzerian himself will play in the tournament, and a reward is assigned for his head – a paid trip to Las Vegas to his party. Plus, several of his friends will play in the freeroll, and for knocking them out they will give $ 200 in the form of tickets to Spin & Gold ..

Bilzerian is loved and hated

The persona of an American with Armenian roots rarely leaves people indifferent – this is exactly the type of people who are either loved or hated. He lives in the style of “sex, drugs and rock and roll”: pockets are full of money, there are always half-naked ladies around, a dozen expensive sports cars in the garage, parties every day. Some consider the blogger’s life stupid, others say “envy in silence”.

Bilzerian is so rich that he can afford to hang out with world-famous stars, run for president, run a business and play poker for millions of dollars. Over the past few years, he has been involved in a variety of scandals, bets and dubious projects:

  • Was about to launch a poker room in India
  • Released the game “Bilzerian’s life simulator” on phones
  • Bike from Vegas to Los Angeles for $ 850K
  • Earned $ 50 million in poker in 2013

By the way, according to Forbes, on the fact that Bilzerian’s “Ignition” company for the production and sale of marijuana will survive 2020.

The reaction of the poker community

The overwhelming majority of poker Twitter residents clearly did not appreciate that Bilzerian would become an ambassador for one of the largest poker rooms in the industry. Almost everyone spoke out against this, except, of course, Daniel Negreanu:

Dan’s joining the team is a big win. There is no one in poker that is bigger. He won millions in cash and is not afraid to play high stakes with sharks at GGPoker

Doug Polk (Doug Polk), as always, tried to joke: “Dan Bilzerian as the Ambassador GGPoker – this is equivalent to, if I was the Ambassador GQ». GQ is supposedly the “oldest” magazine for men in the world with typical advice “for real men”, erotica and materials about business.

Another prankster Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg found a reason to celebrate in the news: “Big day for me! I’m not the worst poker player ever sponsored by a major poker room anymore! “

And poker player Vanessa Kade was not shy in expressions:

As the most important poker ambassador, this paltry sexist with a toxic subscriber base misrepresents that he is our sport.

[…] I don’t know why I was so upset. I think because the room has always tried to be the best version of itself and has been the future of poker in many ways. Now there has been a giant step back.

Vanessa’s comment was noticed by many players and even Bilzerian himself. He was laconic: “Calm down, slut, nobody knows about you . However, the word “hoe” (the slang name for girls with reduced social responsibility in the United States) has another meaning – a hoe. In honor of this, the girl briefly changed her Twitter avatar:

No matter how “cool” Dan is, this is clearly not the best start of cooperation with a major sponsor.

“Does your ambassador really know how to play poker?”

As for the poker skills of Mr. Bilzerian, from the very first day, when he appeared on our radars in 2013, everything remained unclear as it was. Dan claims that he makes millions in poker , but exclusively in private games for some fabulous money. At the same time, he has never seriously played online, but at the same time claims to be almost the “creator” of the loose-aggressive style of play (LAG).

Bilzerian brought himself to the surface when he came to visit Bill Perkins to stream and played on NL2000 from his account. It was there that the regulars were convinced of Dan’s practically zero skills – Doug Polk made a detailed video about this.

Obviously, GGNetwork doesn’t pay attention to Dan Bilzerian’s reputation – they need numbers and coverage, and then we’ll figure it out. But it’s worth giving Dan his due, because no matter what he does, his name always attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of eyes like a magnet.