We see off 2020 with a clear understanding that streams have perfectly fit into the world of poker and have long ceased to be a wonder. Thanks to them, our industry has become more competitive, professional, and most importantly mass.

Nowadays live streaming is a MUST-HAVE for any poker room, as it is the best way to advertise a large series. But the rooms occupy a small niche on Twitch, where the most important are popular streamers and opinion leaders, of which there are more and more. In today's article, let's talk about five poker players (more precisely, seven) who came to streams in 2020 and have already made a huge contribution to the popularization of the game.

Disclaimer: this is not a rating of the best streamers, but a list of people who, according to the subjective opinion of the Pokeroff editorial team, soared to the Twitch.tv tops brighter than others.

John “Apestyles” Van Fleet

American John Van Fleet considers himself a “poker grandfather”, although at the time of publication of the material he is only 38. He has been in the game for over a decade and has managed to survive insane ups and downs due to alcohol and drug problems. …

John has long since returned to normal life, and since October 2020, he opened his own Twitch channel, where he launches several times a week. In just 3 months, he gained 13,000 followers and about 1,000 regular viewers.

It is not surprising, the content for MTT players is 10 out of 10, because apestyles has said more than once that it downloads exclusively all the most expensive at partypoker, GGPOKEROK and PokerStars. No mate, shouting and tilt – just poker and reasoning about the hands in a calm tone. Pokeroff strongly recommends subscribing to it.

John “apestyles” Van Fleet on alcoholism, hypnosis and banning at GGPoker

Ilya “Alohadance” Korobkin

Dother from Kharkov played poker on streams before, but it was in 2020 that he temporarily retrained into a full-fledged poker streamer. The funny fact is that his Dota career was cut short by his passion for poker. Alohadens stopped appearing at team training, after which he realized that he had much more motivation to play cards, and not Dota 2.

Ilya (or as he is often called “Kharkov ghoul”) played on the streams of the Stadium Series and WCOOP, and was also an action provider in the cash game at $ 50/100 stakes. Moreover, the streamer has gradually evolved from a typical fish into something more – now 2-3 times a week Aloha multi-tabular expensive tournaments for an average of 1,500 spectators, and at the same time he began to use statistics.

Also, we can't help but thank Ilya for agreeing with Papic to arrange heads-up at PokerStars – this promo garnered a huge amount of views and had an extremely positive effect on poker.

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu

Since we're talking about heads-ups, we can't help but mention this sweet couple as one fighting unit. Yes, Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu are not “streamers” by definition, but their live presence was one of the most memorable in 2020. Initially, the confrontation was meant as a “male solution to the conflict”, but after 20 game sessions nothing remained of the enmity. Now Polk and Negreanu openly say that they respect each other.

Be that as it may, the heads-up of two legendary poker players representing the “old school” and “new wave” is one of the most memorable events of 2020, which we wrote about in a separate article. Even a couple of months after the start, the WCGRider vs KidPoker challenge still attracts thousands of viewers, though not on Twitch, but on the YouTube channels of GGPoker and Doug Polk Poker.

Top 10 Memorable Poker Events in 2020

One of the game sessions, by the way, Doug Polk spent in the first person, but still with hole cards.

Artyom “veeea” Vezhenkov and Andrey “STiger” Novak

The trainers of the poker school SVSchool, with which Pokeroff cooperates, also decided to join the Twitch community by the end of 2020. Both play high-limit MTTs and show excellent results in them, which delights the viewers of the Twitch channel and the Pokeroff YouTube channel.

For example, one of the last sessions of Andrey Novak was watched by about 500 viewers on Twitch and about the same on YouTube – then he won around $ 20,000 per stream. An excellent result both in terms of money and the number of viewers for the first month of streams.

Thanks to the efforts of Stas Machugin, Kirill Teryokhin and two top SVschool coaches, the Pokeroff channels gained several thousand subscribers in December 2020. Subscribe to us – we will continue to delight you with good content and constant raffles of money.

Fedor “LoremCDMX” Truntsev

In 2020, Fedor, objectively, has become one of the grandees of the Russian-speaking poker Twitch. And this is not speculation, but pure statistics – back in April 2020, Lorema was watched by an average of 150-200 people, and by the end of the year this figure had grown to 600 viewers on average.

What is the secret of this growth? – Excellent picture and sound quality + expensive tournaments + good humor + respect for the viewer + cheat (just kidding). In general, Lorem plays expensively and does not dull – apparently, hard workers appreciate it. Plus, he actively follows online poker tournaments and often invites his comrades to his stream to comment on the finals of high roller events. In addition, he has become one of the few Russian-speaking streamers to cover the Negreanu and Polka challenge.

Write in the comments about whom we forgot in your opinion. Who else broke into Twitch in 2020 well?

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